Interested in starting an indoor soccer (futsal) team at one of our venues or wish to express individual interest to play in one? Complete the registration form and a staff member will contact you within 24 hours!

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(Note, this is only a preference. Teams will have to play some games outside their preferred times)

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All teams must provide at least 2 contacts otherwise the application will not be accepted.

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  1. Games are played at the time and venue fixtured by Aussie Indoor Sports (AIS).
  2. Submission of this application does not necessarily mean that the team is accepted for entry into a competition. Acceptance is dependent on the availability of places on a night. AIS's fixture manage will advise the captain of a team's acceptance.
  3. A team must pay a last game bond on the first game of the season. The last game bond pays a team's match and referee's fees for the last game unless a team forfeits during the season. Should a team forfeit during the season the team forfeits its last game bond. A team that forfeits may be removed from the competition at management's discretion.
  4. In signing this application the first contact agrees and undertakes on behalf of the members of a team to pay in full the team's referees fees and its match fees before the start of each game, regardless of team numbers present.
  5. The team's captain acknowledges that he of she accepts and understands the rules and by-laws in place and agrees to abide by them. The team captain is responsible for ensuring that each member of the team is familiar with the rules.
  6. Applications will not be accepted unless a team provides 2 contacts and fills out its team members list.

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Aussie Indoor Sports Futsal Leagues offers people of all ages who love the excitement of soccer, a chance to play THE WORLD GAME in an indoor environment for fitness and fun all year round!

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