Rules of Indoor Soccer-Futsal



The following represents the basic rulings (FIFA International Rules) that are implemented in our competitions, accompanied with a number of our house rules.

Futsal Team Size

  • Teams must consist of at least 5 registered players
  • There must be at least 3 on the court to begin a match
  • Mixed teams must have a minimum of 2 female players on the court at all times

Futsal Match Duration

  • Pool matches consist of 2 x 18 minute halves
  • Finals consist of 2 x 18 minute halves
  • In finals, extra time will include 3 minutes with golden goal rule applying
  • If still tied after extra time, penalty shootout will occur. Penalties will be taken from the end of the keepers boundary (semi-circle area)
  • Season consists of 16-20 weeks duration plus 2 weeks of Finals play offs
  • Pool matches and finals matches at the St Kilda venue consist of 2 x 15 minute halves

Futsal Court Boundaries

  • The field dimensions are between 25 meters and 42 meters in length and 15 meters and 25 meters in width
  • Keepers boundaries consist of the Netball goal area

Futsal Kick Off

  • Before the start of the game, the referee will toss a coin between the team captains. The team that wins the coin toss will choose which goals they will attack in the first half.
  • The game will start by order of the referee and the ball is considered to be in play soon as it moves forward
  • The player who takes the initial kick cannot touch the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player
  • At the beginning of the game and each restart by kick off, players of the opposing team should be no less than 3 metres from the ball until it is in play.
  • After a goal has been scored the kick off is taken by the opposing team.
  • After the regulation half time break the teams will change court sides and the kick will be taken by the team that did not start the game
  • A goal cannot be scored from a kick off. The ball must be touched by another player for it to be counted as a goal. 

Scoring Goals in Futsal

  • A goal is scored when the whole of the ball crosses the line. The exceptions to this include when a ball enters the goal
  • From an ‘in-direct’ free kick
  • Opposing goal keeper throw that has not been touched by another player before the ball crosses the line;
  • From a side line kick in that has not been touched by another player before the ball crosses the line

Futsal Goal Keeper

  • Goal keeper may not handle the ball outside his goal area (semi circle)
  • Goal throws must be taken from inside the semi-circle and must leave the semi-circle before it is touched by another player. Failure to do this will result in the goal throw to be retaken
  • The goalkeeper is the only player who may slide in order to save the ball (providing he/she does not use excessive force)
  • The goalkeeper can throw the ball over the half way line on the full
  • A ‘goalie ball’ must be thrown in to play.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a goal keeper throw unless the ball touches one of the players (with the exception of the opposing goalkeeper).

The goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball from an intentional back pass from a player of their own team. An infringement will result in an indirect free kick being awarded to the opposing team from where the infringement took place.

Futsal Interchange

  • Unlimited interchange can occur only in a break of play and the Referee must be advised.
  • Goal Keepers can be changed at any time during the game so long as the Referee has been advised
  • During interchange the player coming off must be off the court before the replacement comes on. Failure to do so can result in an indirect free kick

Futsal Infringements

Free kicks are either direct or indirect.

For both direct and indirect free kicks, the ball shall be stationary when the kick is taken and the kicker may not touch the ball a second time until it has touched another player.

Players of the team not taking the free kick must be at least 5 m away from the ball at the taking from a free kick.

Futsal – In-Direct Free Kicks

A goal may only be scored from an in-direct free kick if it has been touched by another player

  • If the ball enters the goal from an indirect-free kick, without having first been touched by another player, a goal throw will result;

An in-direct free kick will be awarded for any of the following infringements:

  • Playing at the ball from the ground;
  • Not playing the ball from where the initial free kick was awarded
  • When the ball hits the ceiling, a player from the opposing team to that who last touched the ball will receive an in direct free kick from the side line
  • The goalkeeper picking up the ball from an intentional back pass from a player of their own team. An infringement will result in an indirect free kick being awarded to the opposing team from where the infringement took place.

Futsal – Direct Free Kicks

  • A direct free kick will be awarded for any of the following infringements:
  • Kicks or attempts to kick a player of the opposing team.
  • Trip or attempts to trip a player of the opposing team.
  • Jumps on or throws himself upon the opposing player.
  • Charges a player of the opposing team
  • Spits on or assaults an opponent.
  • Holds the opponent or obstructs the player’s action with any part of the arm, legs or by holding the uniform.
  • Pushes an opponent
  • Touches, deflects, holds or projects the ball with the hand or arm intentionally, except for the goalkeeper within the limits of the goal area.
  • Hinders or stops the goalkeeper’s free movement within the limits of his/her goal area.
  • A goalkeeper using his/her hands to make a save outside their goal area.
  • A double footed tackle.
  • Any tackles from behind
  • A player blocks the way between the ball and an opposing player to stop his normal movement (shepherding) or intentionally obstructs the vision of an opponent to hinder progress of their play.

A goal can be scored from a direct free kick without being touched by another player.

It should be noted that there is a 4 second time limit on Kick-ins, corner kicks, Free kicks and Goalkeeper throws. An infringement of this, will result in the referee awarding the opposing team an indirect free kick from the point at which the infringement occurred.

Futsal – Penalty Kick

  • A penalty kick will be awarded if a player makes any of the above mentioned violations within the limits of the goal area, regardless of the position of the ball and as long as it is in play.
  • Penalties will be taken from the edge of the goalkeeper’s D boundary 
  • Team must nominate who is taking the penalty.
  • The player taking the penalty kick cannot touch the ball a second time unless it has been touched by another player.
  • No other players can enter the goalkeeper’s circle until the ball has been kicked.

Yellow and Red Cards in Futsal

Yellow Cards

A yellow card will serve as a warning and be given to a player that deliberate shows a lack of respect for the above rules. Two yellow cards will result in a Red Card.

A player shall be cautioned if he commits any of the following infringements:

  • Unsporting behaviour
  • Dissent by word or action
  • Persistent infringement of the Futsal Laws of the Game
  • Delaying the restart of play
  • Failure to respect the required distance when play is restarted with a corner kick, kick-in, free kick or goal clearance
  • Entering or re-entering the pitch without the referees’ permission or infringement of the substitution procedure
  • Deliberately leaving the pitch without the referees’ permission
  • A substitute shall be cautioned if he commits any of the following infringements

Red Cards

A red card will result in the player being immediately sent off and taking no further part in the game. Aussie Indoor Sports will have sole discretion as to the length of the suspension.

A Red Card will be issued if a player is guilty of:

  • Violent conduct toward opponent, official or spectator.
  • Spitting at an opponent, official or spectator.
  • Foul and abusive language directed at players and officials.
  • Throwing or kicking the ball at an official in an aggressive or dangerous manner or threatens to strike or attempts to strike an official.
  • Deliberately stopping the ball from entering the goal with his/her hand with the exception of the goalkeeper.
  • Receiving a second yellow card during the game.

Cooling Off

If a player becomes too aggressive on court, at the referee’s discretion and in lieu of a red or yellow card, he or she may be sent from the court for a cooling off period of 5 minutes. The team will be penalised by playing 4 players only until the cooling off period is finished. The player may retake the court immediately after this cooling off period.

Futsal – Five Direct Free Fouls

  • Each team will be permitted to have 5 accumulative fouls in each half of the match, without losing their right to form a wall when the opposing team is given a free kick.
  • From the sixth accumulative foul onwards, personal fouls will be sanctioned with a 9 metre penalty kick. The team will not be permitted to form a wall nor will they be allowed to have a player between the goal and the ball, except the defending goalkeeper. The penalty kick will be taken from the second penalty mark (9 metres). The defending goalkeeper must be a minimum of 3 metres from the ball.
  • In case of overtime, overtime will be a continuation of the second half, maintaining the technical conditions in which the second half ended.

Futsal – Time Wasting

  • Time wasting will be determined by the referee and will result in a yellow card and a free kick.
  • Kicking the ball away from the designated play position after the whistle has gone will result in a yellow card and a free kick to the opposition


An advantage may be played at the referee’s discretion even though a prior foul may have occurred

Corner Kicks

The referee will award a corner kick when the whole ball has crossed the goal having last been played by the defending team. Opposing players must remain a minimum of 5 metres from the ball until the ball has been kicked into play.

Sideline Kicks

A Sideline kick will be awarded as a means to restart play when:

  • The whole ball has crossed the sideline. The kick will be taken by a player of the opposing team to that which last touched the ball.
  • The ball has been kicked into the ceiling or any other obstacle. The kick will be taken by a player of the opposing team to that which last touched the ball.


  • The player who is to kick in the ball (with the exception of the goalkeeper) will stand behind the side line at the same point through which the ball left the court.
  • The ball will be in play from the moment it moves forward
  • Opposing players must be 3 metres away from kick in.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a side line kick, unless it has been touched by another player.
  • If the player doesn’t comply with these procedures, the referee will award a side line kick to the opposing team.


Each match shall be controlled by a referee, who will have full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which they have been appointed.

The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final.

No Fight Policy

  • Aussie Indoor Sports enforces a zero tolerance on fighting.
  • Any abuse, gross misconduct or innapropriate contact directed at referees or other players will result in exclusion from the game and possible suspension of the team from the competition. Any team excluded from the competition forfeits their last game bond.


The clock will begin at the fixtured time. Teams running late will incur a 1 goal penalty for every 2 minutes late. An Automatic Forfeit will apply if a team cannot supply 4 team members after 12 minutes has elapsed in the first-half. Forfeit Fees will apply.


A forfeit loss (LOF) will apply to the team creating the forfeit. Arrangement for fill-in players must be made if a team cannot front a game. Otherwise, the last game bond fee will be used and the team will have to re-pay the last game bond in order to compete in the next round of competition. Two (2) x LOF’s in a season will result in a team being removed from the league.

If a team cannot make a scheduled game time for any reason, they must notify Aussie Indoor Sports in writing 72 hours prior to the scheduled game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit loss (LOF)

Make Up Game

If a team forfeits a schedules game time, the referee will offer the team who has arrived to play the option of a Make Up Game. If the scheduled team accepts the Make Up Game, the team is still required to pay a full match fee. The opposing team who as accepted to play the make up game, will not be required to pay a match fee.


The points are allocated as follows:
Loss On Forfeit (LOF) = – 5 Goals
Win On Forfeit (WOF) = + 5 Goals

Finals Series – Player Eligibility

In order to be elible to play in the finals series, a player must play a minimum of 5 games throughout the 16 week home and away season.


Players must wear regular joggers or indoor futsal shoes. We also recommend all players wear shin pads and long socks completely covering the pads. Uniforms are mandatory but may simply be matching t-shirts and shorts if you do not have a club uniform.  Each team should also maintain a contrasting shirt for use by the team’s goalkeeper. Teams who do not have matching t-shirts and shorts by week 4 of the season will incur a 1 goal penalty for every player who does not have a matching uniform.

We use and recommend COVO futsal uniforms and apparel. For a comprehensive selection visit,

ZERO TOLERANCE – Drinking Alcohol & Smoking on School Grounds

Aussie Indoor Sports enforces a ZERO TOLERANCE to drinking and smoking whilst players / spectators are on school grounds (including car parks). This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE policy. Any infringements will result in your entire tea being immediately asked to leave the school grounds as well as your team being removed from the competition.

Player Responsibility

Players play at their own risk.  Aussie Indoor Sports accepts no liability for any injury that a player might receive in the course of a game.

Promotional Marketing 

All players who participate upon approval of this application acknowledge and accept that, from time to time, Aussie Indoor Sports (AIS) may produce promotional material including, but not limited to, still photographs, motion picture video and audio recordings, during the team's ordinary participation in the competition. All participants grant Aussie Indoor Sports (AIS) the right to use any and all such promotional material In connection with advertising, publicizing, promotion of Aussie Indoor Sports (AIS) and its operations, whether established or otherwise, without limitation as to time or iterations of use, and will not assert or maintain against Aussie Indoor Sports (AIS) any claim, action, suit or demand of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to, those grounded upon invasion of privacy, rights of publicity or other civil rights, or for any other reason in connection with the authorized use of the promotional material as herein provided. All participants release Aussie Indoor Sports (AIS) from any and all such claims, actions, causes of action, suits and demands.


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